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* Do you need us to buy the domain for your site?

* Do you need us to handle hosting?

I want this website because

My site will be built to target:

I’d like to target clients who are

Our new website would need to include:

We want the following special features to be included in our new website:

* Do you have the content ready for your site?

* Help us out here - Who will provide Stock Photography?

* Who will provide Company Photography?

* Who will provide Other Artwork/ Illustrations?

* Who will provideTranslation Costs?

* Who will provide Text Copywriting ?

* Who will provide Professional Logo?

* Who will provide Graphic Design?

* Who will provide Other Print Collateral?

* Who will provide Metatags / description?

* Help us out here - Who will provide Font Licenses?

* Does your company have a logo / established image and or branding guidelines (e.g. fonts, colour schemes etc)?

* Do you have print materials (such as business cards or brochures) that we need to match?

Would you like us to update your site or would you like to be responsible for updates?

Would you like to book a dedicated training session for your employees to learn to update the site?

Any other service required apart from web development

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